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       Brenda is a National Board Certified Teacher, Author, and Speaker.
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"What could be more exciting than three kids on a treasure hunt filled with cryptic clues and mysterious strangers and danger lurking behind every corner?  Every child dreams of an adventure like this one."
                                                                ~William Bernhardt, national best-selling author

Jenny hears the legend of a lost diamond hidden years ago by a German prisoner of war held captive at a nearby war camp.  Tired of always being the new kid at school, she believes she can finally have a permanent home if she can find the diamond.  Jenny convinces new friends, Zack and Kate, to search for the diamond using clues left behind from the World War II prisoner of war. 

As the trio begins their quest at the Crater of Diamonds Park, they discover they are not alone in their search.  Ignoring danger and threats, Jenny, Zack, and Kate determine to find the gem no matter the risk! 

Nine year old Maddy's world is turned upside down when Ma gets the crazy idea to race in The Land Run of 1889.  Seeking free land and a new way of life in Indian Territory, Maddy, Ma, and her brother Nick set out for the start of the race.  Heading west across open prairie, they soon discover that traveling alone can be dangerous.  Will Maddy and her family be fast enough to win a claim for their new home?

Well written...a mixture of fact and emotion that lets readers become a part of this historical event..."
                                                                                            -Bill Wallace, Author

"Maddy and her family...yearning for a new life, embrace the challenges of crossing the seemingly endless prairie and the raging Salt Fork River into Indian Territory..."
                                                                                            -Lynn Peacher, Oklahoma Teacher of the Year 1999

"This book brings Oklahoma's unique history to life."
                                                                                           -Weldon Watson, Oklahoma State Representative














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