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  Wow, I have been overwhelmed with the number of you that want to know the rest of Maddy's story.  I'm starting to think that a sequel to "Cimarron Sunrise" may be necessary!
   Right now I'm working on "Diamond Girl" and am getting it ready for editing.  But.....I'm thinking a lot about Maddy as well.  I'm afraid that Ollie Polk, Albert's brother, might be in the area and I've heard he's as mean and tough as Albert.  
   I'll keep you updated on the website when "Diamond Girl" will be out.  Email me with any questions you can think of that you'd like answered about Maddy.  
                   Brenda Turner

Reader Reviews

Student Reviews:

My favorite part was when they ran into Albert Polk ....Tay

Maddy fits my personality...when I heard what the landscape looked like I imagined it my head ...Cyeli

I like the part when Ma left on Bet to claim the land ...Tony

My favorite part was when Maddy and her friend were playing Buzz.  I liked the action and the drama in the book ...Madeeha

The facts you put in were helpful ...Wilson

"Cimarron Sunrise" is an amazing historical fiction book with adventure ...Elayna

Student Reviews:

Your book was awesome and what I liked about it was that it was realistic ...Egypt

"Cimarron Sunrise" was the best pioneer book I've read ...Caleb

I liked how you put the map at the very end of the book.  I wish I could read it again.  Our class loved it and I did too ...Cynthia

I loved your book because it was exciting and how you added Albert Polk ...Izzy

I really liked the bridge chapter ...Noah

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