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   I enjoyed getting to meet so many of you at Encyclomedia!  Meeting the needs of our identified gifted and talented students in the regular classroom can be a challenge.  By planning tiered instruction you can ensure that ALL of your students are having their academic needs being met. 


   The Scholastic Ready -to-Use Independent Reading Management Kit is shown above.  This is the tool I use for independent book contract work in fiction the students are reading.  


These Interest Inventories are wonderful tools to discover more about your students so you can better target their needs and interests. 

Interest Inventory Links:

Here's the link to my classroom website.  There are many helpful links and tools for you to access:

Here are other helpful sites so support you as you differentiate for the gifted and talented students in your classroom. 

Math Stars:

Gifted Education Resources:     (check the links section)
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