Brenda Turner Books


    Brenda was born in Arkansas City, Kansas, during the time when Eisenhower was President and hula hoops were just rolling out.  Her father was a homebuilder and wanna be cowboy, her mother a stay at home mom who could bake the best pies and sew some of the prettiest dresses.  Brenda's big sister is eleven years older than her.  So growing up Brenda enjoyed being the center of attention when she wasn't considered a nuisance.  

     Even though the family didn't travel often, Brenda traveled the world through the many books she checked out of the Carnegie Library in town.  Her mother would limit her to reading two books a day, telling Brenda that she'd 'ruin her eyes' if she read more than that at a time!  Her love of reading fed her love of writing.  She's excited to have her first book, Cimarron Sunrise, published.  In Cimarron Sunrise, Maddy and her single mother and brother Nick are off on the adventure of their lives as they make the race for their own piece of land in the first Oklahoma Land Run.  Brenda is already at work on her second book, Diamond Girl, which combines mystery and history at the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. 

     A National Board Certified teacher, Brenda works diligently to improve the skills of her fourth grade class while contributing to their personal development.  Writing allows Brenda to communicate knowledge in creative ways.  She has two adult daughters and lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband

I recently visited my hometown and took pictures of the Carnegie Library.  Lots of hours were spent here searching for the best books to take home and read!

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